The Danvilles

The Danvilles

The Danvilles have had five members. Although never more than four at a time so far. We all grew up together in Northern Virginia. Mike Hindert on guitar, lead vocals, sometimes bass. Dex Fontaine on drums and backing vocals. Kenny Pirog sometimes lead vocal. bass guitar and sometimes guitar. His brother Anthony Pirog on guitar sometimes. and Gary Schaff on bass, some guitar and backing vocals. Sometimes we played with the wonderful Ihsan Bilal and her beautiful sister Karimah Bilal. We love early 50's and 60's rock and roll, but got all kinds of other influences in there too. Below is the full discography for The Danvilles. The songs are in no particular order, the albums include, "Number One", "East", "West", "The Danvilles LP", "Women", "B-Sides", and "The Danvilles featuring The Bilal Sisters". If you'd like to buy any of the songs click the shopping cart, which will take you to The Danvilles Bandcamp page. I believe there are also a few scattered in the bandcamp that aren't on this list. Other than Bandcamp most of our songs are also available on ITunes and most online outlets.


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