Location: Northern Virginia

Members: Michael Hindert, Kenny Pirog, Dex Fontaine and Anthony Pirog (sometimes Gary Schaaf)

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    It was the second act, however, that made the just-arriving crowd take notice. The Danvilles, from Falls Church, blasted hard out of the gate with a blistering rockabilly set that was equal parts Strokes and Reverend Horton Heat. The electrified hoedown threatened to upstage Oberhofer as it continued, with frontman Mike Hindert (who also plays bass for the Bravery) alternately screaming and crooning, and his band bringing a prodigious amount of attitude and skill to the mix… - Justin Beland (

    I woke up Wednesday … and decided to go to Webster Hall thinking that The Denzels were playing…but I misread the band name and ended up seeing The Danvilles. This turned out to be a wonderful mistake. They were a great southern rock band that did a great cover of a cramps song and inspired me to immediately go buy some bourbon that I carried around in an iced coffee cup for the rest of the evening.- Dingus (

    This was the first time I experienced this Virginia based twin guitar quartet and I walk away impressed. They rocked hard with bluesy and western swing undercurrents. At times they reminded me of thick and heavy Reverend Horton Heat, at other times it was bit more like Graveyard… - David Hintz (

    If you could put rock, blues and some serious punk sensibilities together...well you can. And when you do you have The Danvilles. Dirty, gritty and sexy the four piece provided a fantastic set of their unique tunes to start the night… A sexy sound that reminds you of summer nights doing things you probably shouldn't! - Sarah Wilson (


     I’ve been playing The Danvilles` new album for a few days now, the raw blues feel and punchy vocal twists turn rock and roll tradition on it’s head giving a wonderful spiraling descent into audio multi-genres. With the individual tracks rarely breaking the three minute mark, ‘Women’ behaves like a long lost friend, almost taking the persona of your favorite record or guitar sound, it’s a complex feeling to produce but it’s a damn satisfying piece of ear candy. Along with The Black Keys distorted and unconventional blues influences, the Northern Virginia born trio effortlessly balance the sharp edges with T-Rex style flirtation and crispy chord submissions. The Lyrically dark moments are a sure fire way to highlight Mike Hindert’s contrasting beat harmonies and brazen charisma...The Danvilles are much more than a Rock and Roll sideline.- Andy (

    The Danvilles new LP Women explores new reaches…You can't necessarily put any one particular label on The Danvilles raucous movements, as it's constantly morphing throughout the 10 tracks…The real deal sealer would have to be the fantastic use of dark harmonies, and the background wails pulsating throughout. The substance is heavy, riddled with subtle acrimonious lyrics, and caustically acerbic emotions hidden amongst the jangle. Though in saying so, the overall feel is bright and intoxicating. The Danvilles manage to create a graceful ambience that pervades your skin, and up into your cerebral area....It's a struggle to keep from going under, and trying to avoid the end of this beautifully tortured echo of an album that has definitely mastered a morose swagger you will continually revisit.- Nick Banner (

    Put on your leather jacket and ripped jeans because we're going on a bike ride. This thrilling bike ride will be soundtracked by North Virginia's The Danvilles. The Danvilles are five men fronted by a member also in The Bravery and his name is Mike Hindert. Early this month, The Danvilles gave us Women, a rock and roll album under Merrifield Records. This collection is less than 30 minutes of rowdy head bangers from ridiculous guitar riffs to vigorous drums to loud self assured vocals. Before listening to The Danvilles, I suggest you grab a beer…It won't be long until you're swaying and humming intensely to the southern rock thumps…Women seem to have a balance between a brawl and an romantic evening with a dirty bike rider…Women is an album that intermixes garage rock with a little surf, blues, and a lot of influence from the classic rock and roll. If you're feeling like you want to go back in time, to a bar with greased hair and fashionably tight pants, then this is your answer to your prayers. Just imagine the party they'd throw live! - Briana Cheng (

    Rockers, The Danvilles', latest LP, Women is a quick shot of equal parts garage swagger, 50s charm and blues heartache; all wrapped up in a 23-minute package… [they] combined their musical efforts to create an album devoid of superfluous nonsense and overt production.  The end result is a 10-pack of straight-ahead jams that sound better than any Jack White penned ego trip. If you’re…on the hunt for some rock that harkens back to a time before ProTools and fancy studios, The Danvilles are your prey.  One spin of Women and you’ll want to crank tracks like, “Somethin’ to Say,” “Good to Go” and “Cold Sweat.”  Here’s hoping these cats don’t get roped into some car/iProduct/clothing commercial and stick to what they’re good at: kicking out the jams. - Morgan (
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